Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand Transparent 360 Grip Finger Loop Popular brand in the world De $4 Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand Transparent Finger Grip Loop 360 De Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand Transparent 360 Grip Finger Loop Popular brand in the world De Loop,Stand,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,360,Finger,Grip,www.pays-narbequois.fr,Ring,De,Cell,/hoarness1668519.html,Transparent,$4,Phone,Holder Loop,Stand,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,360,Finger,Grip,www.pays-narbequois.fr,Ring,De,Cell,/hoarness1668519.html,Transparent,$4,Phone,Holder $4 Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand Transparent Finger Grip Loop 360 De Cell Phones Accessories Accessories

Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand Transparent 360 Grip Finger Loop Popular brand in the world Brand new De

Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand Transparent Finger Grip Loop 360 De


Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand Transparent Finger Grip Loop 360 De

Product description

Color:2 Silver 2 Black (Round)

How to Correctly Use Transparent Phone Ring Stand ?

1.Wipe away dirt, dust etc. on the back of your phone or phone case, dry it completely.

2.if sticking on the phone case, please remove the case from the phone, if not, please ignore this step.

3. Peel off the protective film. Don't touch the adhesive surface.

4. Slowly Sticking phone ring from one side to the other, Please pull out in time when air bubbles appear.

5. When it complete, if still appear air bubbles, please push out the outward direction.

6.Above all steps don’t 100% guarantee that there will be no air bubbles.All phone ring stand have this problem, just ordinary style can't be seen directly.

How to Remove?

Easier to remove than traditional finger ring stand holder, just pull to detach it off your device.Use water to clean the adhesive that remains in your phone appearance or phone case .

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with any Smartphone

What will you get

4 x phone ring stand

Kindly Remind

After sticking, please rest the stand for several hours to ensure stronger stickiness.

Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand Transparent Finger Grip Loop 360 De

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5.3oz Hair Color Wax, Temporary Hair Dye Wax - PURPLE, Hair Dye
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