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Cheap mail order specialty store Sankel Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch 40mm 41mm 2 3 Chicago Mall Active

Sankel Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm/Active 2 40mm/


Sankel Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm/Active 2 40mm/

Product description


Sankel Luxury band Straps design with exquisite bling rhinestone, is your perfect choice, will make you more beautiful and bling.

Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm,Galaxy Watch Active 2 40mm/44mm,Galaxy Watch Active 40mm,Galaxy Watch 42mm,Gear Sport,Gear S2 Classic SM-R732 amp; SM-R735,Garmin Vivoactive 3/3 Music/3 Trainer,and other 20mm lug smartwatch(Note: NOT for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm SM-R840 or Samsung Gear S2 SM-R720 amp; SM-R730)

Band Size:
Length - 6.7"(170mm), fit for 5.12"- 8.35"(130mm-212mm) wrist size

Product Features:
★Material: Made of non-allergenic Zinc Alloy, safe for skin, guarantee you a comfortable touch feeling on your wrist;
★Great Gift: It is a great gift choice for Mother’s day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Wedding Anniversary and Birthday present.

How to remove the links, shorten the size of the band?
Please see the last picture of pushing away, push the tool pin into band side with direction of arrow.

Package Included:
1 x Replacement Strap Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch3 41mm/Active/Active 2(not including the watch)
3 x Quick Release Pins
1 x Professional Remove Tool

Please allow 1-2mm differs due to manual measurement.

Sankel Compatible for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm/Active 2 40mm/


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