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      >Please be sure to state where the item was found in your initial post.

      > Please do not post links to websites, nor identify or incriminate a seller in any way- Do Not Copy or screenshot advertisement verbiage. 

      >You may post pictures only, from a commercial website, but no word for word Advert. Copy. 
      >Re-size your pictures, per the tips in our FAQ forum.
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    4. Is It Real? How to Recognize Fossil Fabrications

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      For our educational purposes, the sellers' identity is immaterial; this is all about the specimens. 

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    5. XDCGG Hanging Storage Bag Cute Card Over Door Organization Wall

      >In this forum, we promote and celebrate our amateur contributions to the paleontological sciences. There are many volunteer opportunities to play an important role in furthering the science, and to learn new skills. Whether by volunteering their time (lab work, collections maintenance, organized field work), or through the donation of significant specimens, to scientific institutions, amateurs have always played an important but unheralded part!

      >The pinned topic "Fossil Contributions to Paleontology - The Gallery" is an annotated image archive of member-found specimens now residing in museum collections; further discussion of them will be found in linked topics in this forum. ADDING YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO THIS THREAD WILL EARN THE PARTNER AWARD FOR YOUR PROFILE.

      >All the other topics in this forum are for the discussion of amateurs' collaboration with professionals; science at its best.

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      2. Post your entry in the Find of the Month topic. Use a separate post for each entry. (Only two entries per member per contest category.)
      3. Your fossil must have been found during the Month of the Contest, or Significant Preparation * of your fossil must have been completed during the Month of the Contest.
      4. You must include the Date of Discovery (when found in the contest month); or the Date of Preparation Completion and Date of Discovery (if not found in the contest month).
      5. Before and After Preparation photos must be submitted for prepped specimens not found during the Month of the Contest. Please make sure you arrange for photos if someone else is preparing your fossil find and completes the prep requirements in the contest month.
      6. You must include the Common and/or Scientific Name.
      7. You must include the Geologic Age or Geologic Formation where the fossil was found.
      8. You must include the State, Province, or region where the fossil was found.
      9. You must include CLEAR, cropped, well-lit images (maximum 4 images). If you are proud enough of your fossil to submit it for FOTM, spend some time to take good photos to show off your fossil.
      10. Play fair and honest. No bought fossils. No false claims.

      * Significant Preparation = Substantial work to reveal and/or repair important diagnostic features, resulting in a dramatic change in the look of the fossil. The qualification of Significant Preparation is decided at the discretion of staff. Any doubts as to the eligibility of the entry will be discussed directly with the entrant.

      ******* Please use the following format for the required information: *******

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      • Date of Discovery
      • Scientific and/or Common Name
      • Geologic Age or Geologic Formation
      • State, Province, or Region Found
      • Photos of Find  - Please limit to 4 clear, cropped, and well-lit images.
        (If prepped, before and after photos are required, please.)


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      We enjoy an honest, tight knit community. However, we do occasionally have the odd interloper who will try to take advantage of our open nature.  So, when dealing with less active or new members,  please be sure to check photos of items offered.  Do a reverse image search to make sure they have not been copied from elsewhere online.  Ask questions, and get many photos.  Remember...if it seems too good to be true...it usually isn't true.

      For just this reason, we have made the Member to Member Trades Forum a delayed permission. After a reasonable number of substantive posts, the permission will automatically be granted.

      As always, if you have any concerns a member is dishonestly trading on TFF, please privately contact anyone on the Staff.

      You may express your initial interests here, or as opportunity might present in other discussion topics; once contact with a trading partner is made, please continue your arrangements via private message. Public notes on successful exchanges are encouraged; disputes must be settled privately.

      Please note that transactions done thus must be pure trades, with no money changing hands; beyond that, the transaction may take any form that both participants agree to as equitable.  Fossils offered here cannot be concurrently offered elsewhere online.

      Since we are primarily a Fossil Forum, we ask that trades be limited to  Fossils and things directly related to the avocation ONLY.

      Fossils, paleontological tools, display and storage fixtures, and literature. NO JEWELRY, MODERN SHELLS, SHARK TEETH, or JAWS, PLEASE.

      Please remember: the Fossil Forum cannot be held accountable for bad trades. 

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      > For sales between members:

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      > Posting access to this forum is a Privilege restricted to members who have established themselves by contributing a reasonable, fixed number of posts of substance. Once you are approved, please read the Member Sales Policy AND pinned topics before posting or responding in this forum!

      > Fossils and things directly related to the avocation ONLY.

      Fossils, paleontological tools, display and storage fixtures, and literature. NO JEWELRY, PLEASE.

      >Clear photos and specific pricing per item are required.

      >We cannot perform $$ appraisals, but opinions as to relative quality can be offered.

      > NO AUCTIONS!

      While we had allowed Auctions here in the past, we do not feel that this is the correct venue for auctions.

      We feel that the rule that states specific pricing is required comes into direct conflict with Auction Sales, and should not be allowed here.

       Other websites are better equipped to handle this type of sale. 

      For transparency sake, Please post detailed photos of the fossils being offered.

      Each fossil must have a specific price. 
      The Forum cannot be held liable for deals gone wrong.

      Buy and Sell at your own risk.

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