$14 DIRASS Women's Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie Casual Pullover Active Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $14 DIRASS Women's Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie Casual Pullover Active Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Hoodie,$14,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,www.pays-narbequois.fr,Casual,Cropped,Pullover,/cagily946825.html,Sleeve,Long,Active,DIRASS,Women's DIRASS Women's Long Special price Sleeve Cropped Active Casual Pullover Hoodie Hoodie,$14,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,www.pays-narbequois.fr,Casual,Cropped,Pullover,/cagily946825.html,Sleeve,Long,Active,DIRASS,Women's DIRASS Women's Long Special price Sleeve Cropped Active Casual Pullover Hoodie

DIRASS Women's Long Special price Sleeve Cropped Active We OFFer at cheap prices Casual Pullover Hoodie

DIRASS Women's Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie Casual Pullover Active


DIRASS Women's Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie Casual Pullover Active

Product Description

DIRASS Women's Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie Pullover Active Sweatshirt Tops

cropped hoodie

Product Information

Brand Name:DIRASS

Three color types to :

Solid: White/Black/Red/Grey/Pink/Dark Pink/Mint/Blue/Purple/Rose/Green/Bright Green/Yellow/Royal Blue/Navy Blue/Rust

Camo: Camo Black


Material: 80% Cotton,15% Polyester,5% Spandex(Solid color); 95%polyester 5%spandex(Camo Black)

Item Weight: About 0.25Kg

DIRASS Women's Crop Top Hoodie Long Sleeve Crop Top Pullover Camo Cropped Sweatshirt Tops

crop tops for teen girls

Lightweight and chic cropped hoodie, have many color for your choice, easy to find your style!

  • Solid color cropped hoodie, simple and classic.
  • Camo hoodie with crop top hem, stylish and chic.

Easily match various bottoms to create a variety of looks

  • Sport look: Paired with leggings/biker shorts/sweatpants for working out, walking, jogging, running, hiking.
  • Daily wear look: Paired with jacket/jeans/shorts/skirts for lounging in, shopping, school, holiday.

Cropped sweatshirt for women

A classic top for your wardrobe, suitable for all seasons

Size Chart:

crop sweatshirts for women
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Length Long Long Long Crop Crop Crop

DIRASS Women's Long Sleeve Cropped Hoodie Casual Pullover Active

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