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For A Healthy

& Vibrant World

We are on a mission to provide professional healthcare products, services and advices for the betterment of our community.

What Makes Us Different

Alpro Pharmacy Malaysia is No. 1 Prescription Pharmacy, that focuses on selling genuine medicine and healthcare products. We established an ecosystem that ensures genuine quality medications with professional and personalized pharmacy care for everyone.

Community Pharmacists
Top Prescription Pharmacy Malaysia
100% Genuine Products
Million Dollar Insurance
Innovative & Personalized Services
Online & Offline Membership Rewards

Professional Customer Care

Live Chat in just One Click

We are a group of Doctors, Pharmacists, Nutritionists and Dietitians stationed in Malaysia Community Pharmacy. With the mission of providing healthcare advice no matter where you are.

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SilverCare Catalogue

Vol 6: Oct - Dec 2021

Do you know what are the “10 Things To Know Before Discharge From Hospital”? You will find all the solutions for elderly and bedridden care in this catalogue as it is written by a group of homecare experts from Alpro Pharmacy Malaysia, such as doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and dietitians!

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Vol 18. Love your parents and treat them with loving care

Vol 17. Care those care for us – Silvercare

Vol 16. 2020 Help us Help you before it gets worse

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Vol 15. 2019 Know Your Sweetness as low as RM0.99

E-Catalogue 19th Anniversary Sale 2021

E-Catalogue Merdeka Sale 2021

E-Catalogue Online Warehouse Sale June 2021

E-catalogue Members’ Days 2021

SugO365: U-Turn Diabetic the Fun Way | Fun转糖尿 Ebook

Webinar: Regaining Life After Stroke

社区药剂师 居民健康守护者

Grooming the Pharmacist of the Future with Alpro Academy

Nurturing Care

& Quality

As your trusted community pharmacy in Malaysia, Alpro Pharmacy insured with RM1 million worth of genuine products. Customer can buy medication with us safely via online and offline.

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We believe that prevention is better than cure. Our customers are able to get consulatation from our Nutritionist & Dietician in every outlets. Some of the common services are glucose monitoring system, weight management and supplement advices.

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Alpro Pharmacy established in Malaysia since 2002, with more than 19 years of experience. We have more than 140 outlets in major cities like Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Penang, Pahang, Johor Bahru, Sabah, Sarawak.

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Empowering the community with professional assistance, we offer a range of eldercare products with 7 days return policy. Besides helping patients get ready for post discharged, we provide a series of home care devices for elderly as well. People could drop by any Alpro Pharmacy Malaysia to buy, rent or repair rehabiliation products.

365 Sleepers Solid G23 Titanium 20G-18G-16G-14G-12G-10G-8G Hinge

We Deliver Innovative

Primary Healthcare Services

Manage and monitor your Blood Glucose readings through our mobile app that also enables you to engage with our team of healthcare consultants.
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Taking multiple medications is now easier with our well-sealed packaging and prescriptions by our pharmacists for you to have the right dose at the right time.
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Lifetime Loyalty Programme

Alpro Lifetime VIP Member Card Is More Than A Loyalty Card

Now you can enjoy amazing deals from time to time and personalised pharmaceutical care for the best of your health and wellbeing!

Welcome to the VIP Club! Don’t forget to redeem your welcome gifts as the new member of our family and stay tuned for more promos.

Replenish Your Medicine With Alpro App

Right At Your Fingertips

Running out of medicine? Or think you need some? Don’t worry! Just download our Alpro app to replenish your prescribed medicine or talk to any of our friendly doctors to seek health advice.

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