Fast,Charging,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Cord,,iPhone,Cabl,,/Fimbristylis946532.html,$9,MFi,Charger,Certified,Marchpower Marchpower iPhone Charger Cord MFi Charging Fast Cabl Ranking TOP8 Certified Marchpower iPhone Charger Cord MFi Charging Fast Cabl Ranking TOP8 Certified $9 Marchpower iPhone Charger Cord, MFi Certified Fast Charging Cabl Electronics Computers Accessories Fast,Charging,Electronics , Computers Accessories,Cord,,iPhone,Cabl,,/Fimbristylis946532.html,$9,MFi,Charger,Certified,Marchpower $9 Marchpower iPhone Charger Cord, MFi Certified Fast Charging Cabl Electronics Computers Accessories

Marchpower iPhone Charger Cord MFi Charging Fast Cabl Ranking TOP8 Albuquerque Mall Certified

Marchpower iPhone Charger Cord, MFi Certified Fast Charging Cabl


Marchpower iPhone Charger Cord, MFi Certified Fast Charging Cabl

Product Description

Lightning to USB-A cable

Marchpower Fast Charger Cable and iPhone/iPad Lightning Cable, 3-Pack 3ft Charging Cords


MFi lightning cable use the original smart chip to transmit data safely at maximum speed.

More Resistant and Durable

These iPad lightning charging cables use premium material, making our multi-function charging cable stronger, more flexible and tangle free. The aluminum connector is solidly strong and ensures long-term top quality.

10000+ Bend Tests

To test the strength of our product, we bent the aluminum head of our USB iPhone cable over 10,000 times-and found NO damage and NO change in performance.

Sync and Fast Charging

The MFi lightning cable 3ft features super-fast charging, sync, and 2.4A fast data transfer for great reductions in charging time. (Data transfer rates are up to 480 Mbps.)

Output: 5V/2.1~2.4A(Max)

Length: 3 feet

Quantity: 3-Pack iPhone Charger Cables

Color: Black

Super Durable and Safe Charger Cable

iphone charger cord


Q1: What is the mfi lightning cable length?

A: 3FT/6FT

Q2: Is this lightning to USB-A or lightning to USB-C?

A: Lightning to USB-A cable

Q3: Does this iPhone charging cable support to transfer data?

A: Of course, the speed of syncing is super fast.

Q4: What's in the package?

A: 3 x 3ft/6ft Lightning Cable

1 x User Manual

Marchpower iPhone Charger Cord, MFi Certified Fast Charging Cabl

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